Open letters

McGuintys paper trail of spirit murder

The office of Tim Hudak,

There are 100s of suicide letters held by police both OPP and RCMP that implicate Dalton as a (the) spirit channel murderer.  With help from Bill Blair and Harper you should be able to find someone that has actually seen them material to leak it to the press.  Almost 40,000 30 channel murders is absurdly per-capita disproportional.  As the much lesser of evils it’s Tims’ responsibility.  “Berlu” Berlusconis power is waning so seize the opportunity.    Cures

Un virus créé a ….  sept 1 2011

Justine Mercier,   

Everything that happens has spiritual attachments and excuses and in your memories are origins of spirit buddies (copaines)  mono-syllabic sequencing, who could you secretly murder and a warning for certainty of the reality of spirit murder.  As with disease also “all roads go to Rome” and Berlusconi.   Please be a part of Exposing the Spiritual of Tyranny.  Spirit could have similar reliability to cell phone, WiFi mechanical reliability.    Our regular competition to be one survivor of a 100 billion is absurd.

   Bonne chance,   Cures 

Dear Ms. Comi,
Yes youth and women in government : no to menstruation misogyny emperor.  Please remember your loyalties to women, youth and biology. A subtle sway of Berlusconi from your position might allow him to be the last daemonic emperor.
Expose the Spiritual of Tyranny  Please remember that even in the military a responsible soldier still questions authority.

paralink traduzione  : Si, i giovani e le donne nel governo: no a imperatore misoginia mestruazioni. Si prega di ricordare la lealtà a donne, giovani e biologia. Un sottile influenza di Berlusconi dalla posizione potrebbe permettergli di essere l’ultimo imperatore demoniaco. Esporre il spirituali di tirannia

Si prega di ricordare che anche in ambito militare un soldato responsabile dell’autorità ancora domande.

Grazie,  Cures


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