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I am an  avid cyclist without a car, low carbon consumer, and a monetary supporter of the efforts of Greenpeace, yet I’m still annoyed at the constant efforts complaining about the corporations that are fulfilling the appetites of consumers in the absence of complaints about the most greedy personal avarice.  The poorest person is 130,000 times closer to middle rich than the richest, and spiritual political greed is worse than that.  Slivio Berlusconi is about a thousand times richer  and greedier than the other G8 leaders combined.  It is disturbing that a group that regularly confronts large ships with a rubber dingy still doesn’t have the courage to confront a short fat morally retarded freak in a dusty boot that hasn’t won a war in a thousand years.  He was elected with spirit channel secret society demented spirit CANNIBALISM coercion.  COME ON GREENPEACE, LET’S GET REAL.

Truth brigade :
Thanks for truth brigade effort.
Tobias Lars attitude that good trying to kill evil isn’t the way, how about Exposing the Spiritual of Tyranny? The spiritual experience is crap compared to mechanical cell phone WiFi internet reliability and Berlusconi greed is why. Impose Cures Obese-Riches >>legal name since 2006. Please don’t wait till I’ve got a doctorate and a book cause it’s not going to happen. Lots about spirit channel murder system and CANNIBAL HIV @ the blog site and YouTube.. Lot’s of women on the radio please.

Sabina Guzzantis web site in response to Japanese tsunami posting. Tradurre a Google Translate
Sabinas’ site: Have you noticed that two earthquake hotspots Japan and California are the creators of television and computers and the associated TV movies and software?  As extreme as it is to suggest that secret society spiritualism combined with earthquake extortion is the cause of these industries that get so much attention… None the less, it fits.  If you can’t believe that an extreme spirit demented tradition can cause an earthquake, you could still probably believe that brain activated WiFi channels could use earthquakes as extortion similarly to astronomy pyramid freaks of the past threatening to black out the sun if they didn’t get an outrageous request from their subjects. That said remember that you believe in the Hydrogen bomb and that’s only a bit of gas with an extraordinary mechanical spin. Personally I’m quite sure that spirit earthquakes are much more fiendishly  expensive than H-bombs.
Similarly the seeming omnipotence of such powerful destruction does not completely cancel our abilities to choose a web site to view or comment to make. However if you try to use secret society buddy system to Expose the Spiritual of Tyranny you will run into tremors from interior to destroy. The Berluism tradition is saying no to complaints of murder and worse because persons and channels are trying to show up in court as a group.   It has become my responsibility to report as a never buddy.
For a shorter term sensibility could someone Italian with some English please record a simple chant song similar to those sang at protest marches, for example
Basta monopolia media, basta bunga Silvio, bella ciao Berlu.
proprietà segmento della televisione, bella ciao Berlu, bella ciao.
If it’s in Italia/anglo we can keep global pressure on from all those viewers with English as a first or second language.

Accord, and an appeal for Exposing the Spiritual of Tyranny because it’s a major cause of mental illness.  If your in administration and other authorities then somewhere in your memory there is spirit buddy system, mono-syllabic categories with sequence, and what category of person do you think should be murdered and then a warning of the reality of spirit. Courage de sensibilité svplea


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