About, Berlusconi : The Conspiracy Report

Don’t be surprised if this next very simple reality takes months or years to grasp and express to others before your not spirit attacked to the point of tears or laughter. It’s worth it and essential if you believe biology is very valuable.

Spirit really is exactly similar to cell phone WiFi internet. In response to those that “don’t believe” in spirit: remember that belief is often their abbreviation for they think it’s crap. So try “there is undeniable evidence that spirit is crap compared to the mechanical WiFi cell phone reliability”.  If they’re insistent that it doesn’t exist and your effort doesn’t very endanger the life of a moral and innocent then remind them that without spirit they would; faint, pass out, collapse “Spirit very exists and Berlusconi SUCKS!!”.
So far in my experience the other limit of publishing complaint about spirit malevolence has been to complain as far as co-workers or less powerful and not employers as “spirit vampires” etc.

Could an omnipotent tyrant control everything on earth without control of the Internet? Not really.  There is something that’s exactly similar and that’s the spiritual reality, and it could be what the WiFi internet is now if not for the efforts of Berlusconi trying to be as powerful as he can get. There is the spirit system that has homo orgy spirit buddy groups that learn a mono-syllabic system of label pushing. The dominant syllable being “A”.  Each syllable is attributed a personality and the person or channel with one syllable put on them by another… If it doesn’t sound stupid to you then your part of the dementia. Fag-Latin the monosyllabic “toilet roulette” would make an amusing game to be played for an hour a year to remind us how stupid that all of administration and spiritual administration has been.
So what’s worse? The freakishly greedy cruel idiot daemonic emperor “Berlu” Berlusconi or the collective chicken pig apathy to his demented cruelty and stupidity?  Not that Berlusconi isn’t a chicken shit freak.  He’s so exponentially insecure that he only gets momentary satisfaction from filling himself with multiple doses of cocaine for exponential tens of trillions to one ratio of cannibal fagot joy. Many prefer it when he’s freaked out on coke and call it “thinning out” but it’s disastrous for societies far beyond earth and they should be reminded how dementedly conceited his chicken pig spiritual children are afterward  So it begs the question of “why they let me complain?”. 1st they have said that I’m one of 36 pre-desiginate alternatives to the daemonic emperor that had his coming out sometime before Sept 29th 1962.  It’s around the time of his university graduation and when the channels get the complaint as the excuse and instruction trickery. Ya, 36 baby infants against a university graduate daemonic emperor.  Specifically I’m an alternative born in America. For Catholics in the know it’s the big secret frequency “your it”.  I wasn’t told until 2010 after publishing complaints about “Berlu” for two years. Not telling the victims that they’re alternatives is part of their daemonic cruel fun.
The scale of the Berlusconi conspiracy is about 13 universes in depth with earth as the capitol. This universe with black hole portals to other adjacent universes. Each con-centric layer larger than the previous and the final two layers are termite human-id cultures. Surrounding that seems to be more of the same but less worse personalities as the emperor.  What happens inter-universes is very speculative however what happens on earth is within our experience and knowledge. Billionaire Silvio Berlusconi is about a thousand times richer and greedier than the other G8 leaders combined. He has a majority propriety and government influence strangle-hold on the media in Italy that makes significant opposition next to impossible. (see Viva Zapatero) Part of the extent of his vanity has been publicity announcing that he thinks his chief of staff should be president of Italy.  With that he could run Italy from his bunga bunga lair.  The first excuse is usually that “they voted for him”.  This is where exposing the spiritual of his tyranny is so necessary and so exponentially difficult.  In short Berlusconi creates freakishly cruel spirit CANNIBALS and remember that false buddy is one of their first forms of a disease that extends to HIV and universe death. Remember that their spirit channels are similar to forest or urban fire so the only limits are the ones we put on them.  YOUR SPIRITUAL REALITY COULD BE WHAT CELL PHONES AND COMPUTER WI-FI ARE INSTEAD OF THE DREAM PUSHERS AND WORSE.

if your really angry about Berlu    Prefer it as a song    or an amusing retro spoof comercial

Lots more at ,blogspot.com     and the first published page

facebook were too busy protecting their group “kill the prostitute so they don’t have to pay”    Why a company founded by someone with Jewish heritage is blocking my complaint is strangely absurd.


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