“a nuisance call from (doesn’t think Mussolini 2 is a problem) Ian Stanley McLaurin,” that he could suck his fascist cock? > Is Bruce a fascist too? ‘Bruce is probably even faster’ > both menstruation? “Bruce is regular Palladian style” you sure? “that’s the channel chat” They think Bruce is at five liters now. > “faustian fascism” (Ian) and Bruce? “workaholic in a fascist family” (in law) > They’re still at you could lose your inheritance with that sort of thing. “channel chat & material is they already brag about the real value of the property, that they undervalued for inheritance” “But POWER OF ATTORNEY YOU’RE FUCKED, is most realistic.” > 5 million was mentioned cause it’s a ski club hill. The potential for “greater vertical drop than either Skyloft or Lakeridge or Dagmar” (adjacent ski resorts) They’re at it either is or isn’t. “POWER OF GOVERNMENT YOUR FUCKED EVEN MORE” Zoning. Valued inheritance settlement 345K$. We want the whole wa about how they took it. “Moved from Ottawa saying they were moving in to care for Lois (mother) and within a couple of weeks had her in a elderly institution against her will.” “channel chat is that Elins’ family verbally, mentally & drug abused tortured her.” and Bruce? ”Bruce sided with Ian”

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to work … from Hillarys fb page

to workhttps://www.facebook.com/hillaryclinton/videos/vb.889307941125736/908933449163185/?type=2&theater

at 0:25 in the video, The tall pale guy with the check shirt & back pack is one of Pay Pays’ mutilation pig boys. The shortest woman has been 3 rape episodes since videoed & same guy was there for 2 of the rapes. (mainly anal) > Keith Ker’s a bit of an expert “pardon the understatement” on bullshit security. (dark suits : sunglasses) Keith Ker is a bit shy so “The security pig boys have been the regular of insisting on demeaning sex acts before allowing Hillary to go out to work”

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DEBT & DEATH TO BIOLOGY : Chloe Victoria Charles

Debt and Debt to Biology

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Impose Cures Obese-Riches

Silvio Berlusconi SUCKS ! ! !  He’s about a thousand times richer and greedier than the other G8 leaders combined and he sucks more than power position and dollars.


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